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Downloadable formats: PDF Come learn about the wonderful opportunities Hebrew Academy can provide your child who is entering high school. The Reform movement currently has the largest membership of any Jewish religious group in the United States. The torah is Jewish law and its scrolls consist of 613 commandments which were God's instructions to the people of Israel. When Yeshua returns, it will be for the full and final redemption of his people Israel. (Ezekiel 16:63) Tabernacles/Sukkot (Shabbats are on the 1st and 8th day): A week-long holiday that reminds of us the hardships of Israel's 40 years in the wilderness and provides us with insight into the correct birth date of our awesome Messiah.

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Soncino Babylonian Talmud Taanith

The Book of Lamentations: A Meditation and Translation

The Garden of Time

The most prominent section of the Vidui is the section known as Ahl Chayt. Each verse begins with the phrase Ahl chayt sheh’chah’tah’noo l’fah’neh’chah... “For the sin we committed before You...” and then enumerates a general transgression. While reciting the Vidui service, it is customary to stand in a humbled position, with one’s head lowered epub. Once they reached the Temple Mount, even Agrippas the King would carry the basket on his shoulder and go in as far as the Azarah. Once they reached the Azarah, the Leviim would sing, 'I will praise You, O G-d, for You have raised me up, and You have not allowed my enemies to rejoice over me!' " Rabbi Sampson Hirsch in his commentary on this day says that this is the only day of the year that two loaves of bread were symbolically offered , source: Songs of the Seder : A Music Book to Accompany the Passover Haggadah, Second Edition read online Songs of the Seder : A Music Book to Accompany the Passover Haggadah, Second Edition online. So what was the “light” that God placed in the world on the first day ref.: Chageinu: Nissan download here read Chageinu: Nissan? The Contemporary Star of David is a sculptural desk object. Made of two triangles concealing an almond fruit. The two parts are placed one on top of each other, creating the Star of David. One triangle is made of brass while the other is made of aluminum ref.: Soncino Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashanah read online Soncino Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashanah pdf, azw (kindle), epub. In 2016, this Jewish holiday starts from the nightfall of Oct 25. This is the Jewish festival of rededication. It is also called the festival of lights. It goes on for a period of 8 days, starting on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev read online The Pajama Diaries: Bat-Zilla pdf. The Torah was created by Hashem 2,000 years before Creation. The Origins of the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Movements An article by Lawrence Keleman in Jewish Action magazine, Summer 1999. Please note that I did not write this article. Lawrence Keleman, was a member of all of these movements at one time or another. None of the claims made in this article are Mr From Sabbath to Sunday: A download for free From Sabbath to Sunday: A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity (Biblical Perspectives 1) here.

The Jewish Year Calendar cites 14.6 million download. THE ROOF of the sukkah, known as s’chach, is a critical factor in determining the sukkah’s halachic acceptability download The Pajama Diaries: Bat-Zilla epub. I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, Blessed be His Name, has no body, and that He is free from all the properties of matter, and that there can be no (physical) comparison to Him whatsoever. I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, Blessed be His Name, is the first and the last How To Raise Jewish Children: read epub read online How To Raise Jewish Children: Even When You're Not Jewish Yourself - The Jewish Outreach Institute Handbook for Parents of Other Religious Backgrounds in a Jewish Intermarriage. Did Rep. 3 THIRD CLICK If you have a Twitter account heres a sample tweet I like Habitat and were at all consistent and I are just , cited: The First Ten Days The First Ten Days book. The Torah mandates the seven-week Counting of the Omer (the verbal counting of 49 days), beginning on the second day of Passover, and immediately followed by Shavuot, the 50th day. This counting of days and weeks is understood to express anticipation and desire for the Giving of the Torah. On Passover, the Jewish people were freed from their enslavement to Pharaoh. On Shavuot they were given the Torah, and became a nation committed to serving God Dads, Teach Your Child (Ages download here Dads, Teach Your Child (Ages 2-6) About Being Jewish here.

Hanukkah (Open Media Pamphlet)

The vows nullified by the Kol Nidre service are only those vows made, or possibly made, with God Chance and Providence: read epub download Chance and Providence: Discourses on the Inner Meaning of Purim book. Tradition observance of First Fruits meant that farmers were required to mark fruits and grains, sometimes with a red yarn, that were most progressed in their growth , e.g. Every Person's Guide to the High Holy Days (Every Person's Guide Series) Every Person's Guide to the High Holy Days (Every Person's Guide Series) here. You can also check the details of Jewish holidays Sukkot on their website A guide to Rosh ha-Shanah click A guide to Rosh ha-Shanah. During Pesach (Passover), which always occurs in spring -- the season of growth and renewal -- Jews celebrate the conclusion of 210 years of slavery under the Egyptians. For the Jewish people, freedom was not a result of their own intervention, but the culmination of G-d's revelation, through the 10 plagues and the parting of the Red Sea ref.: Passover (American Holidays (Weigl Paperback)) read Passover (American Holidays (Weigl Paperback)) for free. And you shall offer the Passover sacrifice to the Lord your God, from the flock or the herd, at the place that the Lord will choose, to make his name dwell there. Seven days you shall eat it with unleavened bread, the bread of affliction—for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste—that all the days of your life you may remember the day when you came out of the land of Egypt.” The observance of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is commanded in Leviticus 16 and 23 The Biblical Historical read epub click The Biblical Historical Calendar: ( Just the Calendar). Historically, many congregations could not access some or all of the Species (this was a particular problem among Ashkenazis in Europe and, later, North America), so it was common for a synagogue to have only one of each, but today all the men having a full set is pretty common ref.: Purim Its Observance and read for free Purim Its Observance and Significance (Artscroll Mesorah Series) pdf, azw (kindle). Utensils that have been used to prepare non-kosher food, or dishes that have held meat and are now used for dairy products, render the food treif under certain conditions. [86] Furthermore, all Orthodox and some Conservative authorities forbid the consumption of processed grape products made by non-Jews, due to ancient pagan practices of using wine in rituals. [86] Some Conservative authorities permit wine and grape juice made without rabbinic supervision. [90] The Torah does not give specific reasons for most of the laws of kashrut. [86] However, a number of explanations have been offered, including maintaining ritual purity, teaching impulse control, encouraging obedience to God, improving health, reducing cruelty to animals and preserving the distinctness of the Jewish community. [91] The various categories of dietary laws may have developed for different reasons, and some may exist for multiple reasons Jewish Festivals. Honor Head download epub click Jewish Festivals. Honor Head (Year of Festivals) for free.

Passover Haggadah

Yom Kippur Readings: Inspiration, Information and Contemplation

Bible Journeys Calendar With Jewish Celebrations: 24 Months - 2016 & 2017 Calendar

The New American Haggadah: A Simple Passover Seder for the Whole Family

The Seven Lights: On the Major Jewish Festivals

Rosh Hashanah: Its Significance, Laws, & Prayers (Artscroll Mesorah Series)

The Universal Standard Encyclopedia: Volume 12, Hanukkah-Idahoe

Jewish Festivals. Honor Head (Year of Festivals)

We Jews and Jesus: Exploring Theological Differences for Mutual Understanding (Prayers of Awe)

How to Spell Chanukah and Other Holiday Dilemmas.

At Our Rebbe's Seder Table

Ashkenazi Haggadah: A Hebrew Manuscript of the Mid-15th Century from the Collections of the British Library

Feast of History: Drama of Passover Through the Ages

Time For Shavuot

Living the Kabbalah: A Guide to the Sabbath and Festivals in the Lurianic Tradition

The Feasts of Israel: Seasons of the Messiah

Rebirth of Israel Passover Haggadah

The Branch Menorah makes a great gift for Hanukkah as well as other occasions ref.: Hanukkah Tooth read pdf download online Hanukkah Tooth. You may also be interested in these stories: Jews for Judaism International provides intervention counseling and education programs that counteract religious coercion and promote Jewish pride and continuity. Every school year Jews for Judaism receives numerous calls from concerned parents and professionals regarding the growing and alarming phenomenon of Jewish public school students being pursued by individuals and groups targeting them for conversion , source: The Story of Passover The Story of Passover book. On a simple level, the oral tradition states that the Akeidah took place on the first of Tishrei, which is Rosh Hashana. More importantly, however, is the fact that the Akeidah reminds God of the Jewish people's commitment to the ways of its ancestors. On Rosh Hashana, humanity is judged...and far too often it is the negative side of the scale that is weighed down Passover for the Rest of Us: A read pdf Passover for the Rest of Us: A Guidebook on Celebrating a Passover Seder for Christians online. The main denominations today outside Israel (where the situation is rather different) are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Orthodox Judaism holds that both the Written and Oral Torah were divinely revealed to Moses, and that the laws within it are binding and unchanging. Orthodox Jews generally consider commentaries on the Shulchan Aruch (a condensed codification of halakha that largely favored Sephardic traditions) to be the definitive codification of Jewish law download The Pajama Diaries: Bat-Zilla pdf. The day culminates with a Lunch & Learn lecture series each week. This program is free to MBJCC members and Guests can pay a drop-in fee of $20 for the day. Lunch is available for purchase for $10.00 , cited: The Book of Passover The Book of Passover book. To make a donation for prisoners, click on the "down" arrow above and select Donations for Prisoners. You donation enables us to send FREE books to prisoners whom Yeshua asks us to help , source: On Passover On Passover here. Jewish ethics may be guided by halakhic traditions, by other moral principles, or by central Jewish virtues ref.: The Eight Nights of Hanukkah read for free read online The Eight Nights of Hanukkah (Mini Book) (Charming Petites) for free. A chart at explains the different parts of the TANAKH and what's included in each section. The other Holy Book for the Jewish religion is the Talmud which includes the Mishnah, which means "repetition" or "study" and the Gemara, which means "addition" or "completion." As society changed, the Jews found that the Torah needed to be updated from its original agricultural emphasis , source: Selihot Service download online Selihot Service online. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. A rabbi friend of mine tells a story about a not-so-religous Jew complaining to him about how he just can't get into Judaism. So the rabbi asks him, "How do you practice Judaism?" The guy ansewrs, "I am two-holiday-a year-Jew: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur." This day closes the period of repentance that began on Rosh Hashanah , source: Seasons of Our Joy: A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays read online Seasons of Our Joy: A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays pdf, azw (kindle). Here is a list of most of major and minor Jewish  holidays:    1 Rosh Hashanah (ראש השנה)- The Jewish New Year   2 Aseret Yemei Teshuva (עשרת ימי ת�…�ובה)- Ten Days of Repentance   3 Yom Kippur (יום כיפור) - Day of Atonement   4 Sukkot (סוכות) - Feast of Booths (or Tabernacles)   5 Shemini Atzeret (שמיני עצרת) and Simchat Torah (שמחת תורה)   6 Hanukkah (חנוכה) - Festival of Lights   7 Tenth of Tevet (י׳ בטבט)   8 Tu Bishvat (ט״ו בשבט) - New Year of the Trees   9 Purim (פורים) - Festival of Lots, celebration of the victory of  the story of Esther   10 Pesach (פסח) - Passover, celebration of the Exodus   11 Sefirah (ספירת העומר) - Counting of the Omer   12 Lag Ba'omer (ל״ג בעומר)   13 Shavuot (שבועות) - Feast of Weeks - Yom HaBikurim   14 Seventeenth of Tammuz (י״ז בתמוז)   15 The Three Weeks and the Nine Days   16 Tisha B'av - Ninth of Av (ט׳ באב), commemoration of the Temple  destruction   17 Rosh Chodesh - the New Month (ראש חודש)   18 Shabbat - The Sabbath (שבת), Saturday, the day of rest   19 Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) - Holocaust Remembrance day   20 Yom Hazikaron (יום הזיכרון) - Memorial Day   21 Yom Ha'atzmaut (יום העצמאות) - Israel Independence Day   22 Yom Yerushalaim (יום ירושלים) - Jerusalem Day How many holidays does Judaism have The Pajama Diaries: Bat-Zilla online?

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