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Although it is true his kindness created the "Teddy Bear", He really was also fit and trim, vigorous and active, and a very tough president in his foreign policies. Reijo Nenonen and Luca Piotto present The Ancient Finnish Myths home page which describes the history, deities, cults, and spells of the Suomi and of course includes the appropriate links. (Broken Link 2/14/02) FINFO: Kalevala An examination and summary of the Kalevala and its role as myth and national symbol. Thrym: the giant who stole Mjollnir and wouldn't give it back unless the Aesir offered him Freya.

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Publisher: Penguin Books (1972)


Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew (Riverside Literature Series, Number 114)

HORIZONTAL RESONANCE AS APRINC (Harvard Dissertations in the Classics)

Outlines of Chinese symbolism and art motives: An alphabetical compendium of antique legends and beliefs, as reflected in the manners and customs of the Chinese

In the Court of the Jade Emperor: Stories from Old China (Cambridge Reading)

Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children (Silkies)

It is also suggested the Yew was used as a decoration on Good Friday, the day that Christ was crucified. (Dallimore 1908). Some people support the notion that Yews were planted in churchyards to keep them away from cattle, since their leaves are poisonous. All these ideas are based upon the value of Yew trees whether it be perceived, monetary or spiritual , source: Learning through Play Learning through Play online. Religious and mythic imagery permeated all the spheres of society life that was based on hunting and gathering already during the period of the early tribal system which comprised the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Talk Less and Say More: read online read online Talk Less and Say More: Vermont Proverbs book. Fables from Old French Aesop's Beasts And Bumpkins Translated by Norman R. Illustrated with woodcuts from Les Subtiles Fables D'Esope, Lyon, 1484. �A collection of thirty-seven bawdy, satirical fables, transl;ated into English verse. Each fable is accompanied by its original text in medieval French; the book is illustrated by 29 woodcuts and eight illustrations adapted by Joyce Kachergis.� Stock# 33,110 , cited: The Tomb of Agamemnon: Mycenae and the Search for a Hero The Tomb of Agamemnon: Mycenae and the Search for a Hero online. While vampires have a stated preference for the taste of young blood, they are not particular as to which gender provides it. Being asexual, sterile and impotent, they also cannot have intercourse, let alone produce any kind of offspring; and biting a pregnant woman will only result in miscarriage or stillbirth. Source: Embellished accounts of vampires running, leaping and using their cat-like reflexes PATTERN IN THE MATERIAL FOLK CULTURE OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES download PATTERN IN THE MATERIAL FOLK CULTURE OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES here. Cinderella Perseus and Medusa 12 Olympians Yeh-Shen, part 1 - TeacherTu.. Aesop's Fables - Online Coll.. Goddess Myths Greek Myths Myths, Legends, Fables & Fol.. Fairytales Theseus Text Tall Tales at Americanfolklo. read online The GREEK MYTHS: VOLUMES ONE AND TWO [Two Book Set] pdf, azw (kindle). Oupires, like all other traditional folkloric vampires, were far from being gentlemanly or sexy, they were stupid, hungry zombie-like ghouls. Most of Slavic Mythology not listed here existed in medieval Rus in some form or other. With Christianity becoming widespread, a new legendarium appeared in the Rus - the tales of Bogatyrs note despite similarity it's not related to Slavonic root for "rich", but to Turkic "bahatur" — "champion", heroic warriors who protected the land from beasts, monsters, and invading steppe nomads download.

Perhaps it fulfils a desire for larger-than-life heroes and feats, or helps satisfy a yearning towards the magical or mysterious that forms a fundamental, albeit unconscious, characteristic of the human psyche – or maybe we all just enjoy a good story download The GREEK MYTHS: VOLUMES ONE AND TWO [Two Book Set] epub. A universal conflagration with a final battle and defeat of the gods is part of Germanic mythology and has parallels in other examples of Indo-European eschatological imagery ref.: The Oxford Nursery Storybook download online The Oxford Nursery Storybook pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi. It was thought that a vampire, or any creature lacking a soul, would not cast a shadow or produce a reflection. Like any typical disease, vampirism has no effect on the body's ability to block or reflect light. However, considering the fact that vampires tend to avoid light altogether and are often quite uncomfortable with their own reflections, this myth has a slight grain of truth to it Ghost Stories of the Lehigh download pdf Ghost Stories of the Lehigh Valley book. They differ from the other cycles in the strength of their links with the Irish-speaking community in Scotland and there are many extant Fenian texts from that country. They also differ from the Ulster Cycle in that the stories are told mainly in verse and that in tone they are nearer to the tradition of romance than the tradition of epic Inherit the Alamo: Myth and download for free click Inherit the Alamo: Myth and Ritual at an American Shrine.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Book of Proverbs

Gridlock: An Anthology of Poetry About Southern California

Owls have been both revered & feared throughout many civilisations from ancient to more recent times ref.: Jamaican Song and Story: Annancy Stories, Digging Sings, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes click Jamaican Song and Story: Annancy Stories, Digging Sings, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes online. Likewise, Woden of the Anglo-Saxons is the same as Odin among the Norse and Wotan of the Germans. Woden, the leader of the Wild Hunt and the one who carries off the dead, is one of the chief gods of the Anglo-Saxons before the Christian era. He was held to be the ancestor of Hengest and Horsa, two legendary figures from early English history and most of the early Anglo-Saxon kings claimed descent from Woden , cited: Christmas in Germany read online read online Christmas in Germany pdf, azw (kindle), epub. I too, have cobbled together a short list of Mythology Sources but to escape redundancy I've added brief reviews of those works I've encountered. Bulfinch's Mythology, here maintained by Bob Fisher. Its first section, The Age of Fable includes Greek, some Norse, and some Egyptian mythology in a sort of "Reader's Digest" format. Its other sections on King Arthur, the Mabinogeon, and Charlemagne continue in a similar format More Tales from Ulithi Atoll: read for free More Tales from Ulithi Atoll: A Content Analysis (University of California Publications Folklore and Mythology Series) here. Even the gods must bow to their decisions. When she could not find him she shed tears of gold that turned trees into amber. Odin ("OHDTH-in"; called Wotan or Woden in Germanic lore): Allfather and shape-shifting husband of Frigga. Lusty god of ecstacy, storm, hunting, poetry, berserk fury, and incantations. His authority is similar to that of Zeus (Greek) and Jupiter (Roman) , cited: Labyrinths and Mazes read for free read online Labyrinths and Mazes. The word Fenrir means "of the fens, or marshlands", and this is represented by Bran's relationship to Meera & Jojen Reed, who are bog people , cited: Clash of the Titans read online Clash of the Titans pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi. Originally compiled in the 13th century, the poems in the Poetic (Elder) Edda were composed from the 9th to the 11th centuries. Sturluson chronicles the exciting (and sometimes blood-curdling) history of the Norse kings from Odin (the time of the Roman Empire) on down through the middle ages , e.g. Little Book of Chinese Proverbs Little Book of Chinese Proverbs for free.

Light in the Barren Lands: Travail of The Dark Mage Book One

Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion

Flatlanders and Ridgerunners: Folktales from the Mountains of Northern Pennsylvania

Conflict of Myths: The Development of Counter-Insurgency Doctrine and the Vietnam War

Mythologies: The Sculpture of Helaine Blumenfeld (Elephant's Eye)

The Celts: Mythology of Series

Shrines of the Slave Trade: Diola Religion and Society in Precolonial Senegambia

Proverbial Comparisons in Ricardo Palma's "Tradiciones Peruanas"

Folklore and Fakelore: Essays Toward a Discipline of Folk Studies

Wahab and His Animal Friends

Myths & Legends Of The Second World War (Isis Nonfiction)

Nine Lives-Folklore (Katharine Briggs Collected Works Vol13) (Katharine Briggs Collected Works, Volume 13)

An Egg at Easter: A Folklore Study

Cajun and Creole Folktales; The French Oral Tradition of South Louisiana (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)

Korean Literature: Sijo/Abr.

Chicago's Old Houses: Lore and Legend, Custom Pub

The Code of the West

The People of the Sea: Celtic Legends And Myths (Canongate Classics)

Mrs. Sharp's Traditions: Nostalgic Suggestions for Re-Creating the Family Celebrations and Seasonal Pastimes of the Victorian Home

NASA historical data book

King Arthur in Antiquity

To what shall we compare the prowess of our hero? A man was plucked and torn in his hand as if he were but a leaf. The commotion in the ranks of the enemy was as when a powerful waterfowl lashes the water with his wings (O haehae ka manu, Ke ale nei ka [96]wai) , source: Labyrinths and Mazes read online download online Labyrinths and Mazes pdf, azw (kindle), epub. God of North (Bei Di, Pak Tai) Hai Re (海若 hai3re4) god of the sea. *Jian, the bird Jian (鶼 jian1) A mythical bird supposed to have only one eye and one wing: 鶼鶼 a pair of such birds dependent on each other, inseparable, hence, represent husband and wife. *Jing Wei (精衛) a mythical bird which tries to fill up the ocean with twigs and pebbles. *Nine-headed Bird Used to scare children. *Su Shuang (鷫鵊 su4shuang3) a mythical bird, also variously described as a water bird, like the crane. *Peng (鵬, a mythical bird of giant size and terrific flying power) Also known as Chinese roc. *Qing Niao (青鳥 qing1niao3) a mythical bird, the messenger of Xi Wangmu. *Yinglong, a powerful servant of Huang Di Romance of Alexander the Great by Pseudocallisthenes (Records of Civilization Sources & Study) click Romance of Alexander the Great by Pseudocallisthenes (Records of Civilization Sources & Study) for free. The leader of the ashram, sage Jahnu, became livid at Ganga's intrusion Night in the Middle Ages click Night in the Middle Ages pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi. He pulled, and the weeds and earth came down together. The smell of the fresh-torn weeds was wafted up to Hale-huki, the house where Kapeepeekauila lived. His people, on the top of Haupu, looked down on the canoes floating at the foot. �Wondrous is the size of the canoes!� they cried. �Ah! it is a load of opihis (shell-fish) from Hawaii for Hina,� for that was a favorite dish with her The Great Bear: A Thematic Anthology of Oral Poetry in the Finno-Ugrian Languages The Great Bear: A Thematic Anthology of Oral Poetry in the Finno-Ugrian Languages online. And he beheld a courteous man on the top of the castle who bade him enter, saying that the king was waiting for him to come to meat read The GREEK MYTHS: VOLUMES ONE AND TWO [Two Book Set] online. The Fox and the Cat and other fables of type 105 about the dangers of being too clever. The Fish That Were Too Clever (India, The Panchatantra). The Crow and the Swan (India, The Mahabharata). A Fox and a Cat (Aesop, Roger L'Estrange, 1692) ref.: Mother Knows Best download epub read Mother Knows Best pdf, azw (kindle). But don't worry—Shmoop has you covered from biographies of Zeus and Aphrodite to what Achilies and Agamemnon are flaming about on Facebook. Easier - Mythology is a collection of traditional stories that express the beliefs or values of a group of people. The stories often focus on human qualities such as good and evil King Arthur in Antiquity read online King Arthur in Antiquity. Yeng-Wang-Yeh judges all souls newly arrived to the land of the dead and decides whether to send them to a special court for punishment or put them back on the Wheel of Transmigration. Father Heaven - e August Supreme Emperor of Jade, whose court is in the highest level of heaven, originally a sky god , cited: Let Us Compare Mythologies read here Let Us Compare Mythologies pdf, azw (kindle). Akaaka, the grandfather, who had been residing in Waikiki some little time previous to the dispute between the young men, was appointed one of the judges at the approaching trial download The GREEK MYTHS: VOLUMES ONE AND TWO [Two Book Set] pdf. They have attained great age and maturity so providing us with a sense of respect for them , source: On Chestnuts: The trees and read here On Chestnuts: The trees and their seeds pdf. Seating herself on a stone to regain her breath, she asked Kauhi where they were going. He never answered, but struck her again with the hala branch, killing her instantly, as before. He then dug a hole near where she lay, and buried her, and started for Waikiki by way of the Kakea ridge thirteen moons on turtle's back: a native american year of moons download online thirteen moons on turtle's back: a native american year of moons.

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