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The Magic Crocodile and Other Folktales from Indonesia, told by Alice Terada. 1994. a collection of 29 tales from 6 regions of Indonesia tell of creation, etc. along with a description of each local culture Marshall Islands Legends and Stories, told by Tonke Aisea. 2003. It consists of many things like oral history, music, popular beliefs and proverbs which are the tradition of a group, culture oar subculture. El Greco was inspired in his Laocoon (1608–1614, oil on canvas, 142 x 193 cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington ) by the famous myth of the Trojan cycle.

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Folktales of the Punjab

Encyclopedia of the Undead

Celtic Fairy Tales

Fairy Legends and Traditions

This association with the funeral and death made the Yew tree worthy of mention in prose and literature. Mathew Arnold, Wordsworth and Shakespeare and Tennyson all illustrated the Yew as a tree associated with death The Broken Kings (Merlin Codex, Bk 3) download The Broken Kings (Merlin Codex, Bk 3). She ran away, without stopping to hear his compliments, and he pursued till she came to the bank of the river, where he overtook her, and she had only time to call for help on her friends the water nymphs. Pan threw his arms around what he supposed to be the form of the nymph, and found he embraced only a tuft of reeds! As he breathed a sigh, the air sounded through the reeds, and produced a plaintive melody The Autobiography of Hercules download online The Autobiography of Hercules. Kana embarked with his magic rod called Waka-i-lani. Thus they set forth to wage war upon Kapeepeekauila. They went on until the canoes grounded on a hard ledge. Kana replied, �What is there to destroy us? Are not these the reefs of Haupu? Away with the ledges, the rock points, and the yawning chasms! Smite with Waka-i-lani, thy rod.� Niheu smote, the rocks crumbled to pieces, and the canoes were freed Splendid Monarchy: Power and Pageantry in Modern Japan (Twentieth Century Japan: The Emergence of a World Power) download Splendid Monarchy: Power and Pageantry in Modern Japan (Twentieth Century Japan: The Emergence of a World Power). Bardsey is also claimed to be the fabled Avalon. Merlin is also associated with Gwyrtheyrn. Vortigen, a cruel and unpopular 5th century warlord, escaped his enemies by running away to the mountain of Aran near Beddgelert. He instructed his men to build him a castle on the site but every morning the men would find the previous day’s construction destroyed EDMUND DULAC'S FAIRY-BOOK download pdf read EDMUND DULAC'S FAIRY-BOOK. First he hears the voice of Ua speaking to him in soothing tones as she stoops to the body of her friend; and then in a little while he hears the voice of his great leader calling to him and bidding him stay his grief. �O King of all the Seas,� said Kaaialii, standing up and leaving Kaala to the arms of Ua, �I have lost the flower thou gavest me; it is broken and dead, and I have no more joy in life.� �What!� said Kamehameha, �art thou a chief, and wouldst cast away life for a girl Told in Denmark : Favourite read online Told in Denmark : Favourite Fairy Tales pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi?

In the bush, snakes may be killed, but if a snake enters a house, it must be given milk and meat since it is the spirit of an ancestor who can intercede with God on behalf of the living, in order to avert disease and other disasters. After death an old man or woman would be buried in his or her own hut, after which the descendants would move house; this was no hardship, since they were nomads anyway , e.g. Curious myths of the middle read epub download online Curious myths of the middle ages.. Similarly, Bran is now bound in a cave, much like Fenrir, and is in contact with Bloodraven, who represents Loki -- Fenrir's father. So, that one's pretty easy to figure out. Arya's connection isn't quite so straightforward. And that's largely because Hati, one of Fenrir's two sons, doesn't have quite so large a role as Fenrir does in the mythology. But, Hati, whose name means "He Who Hates", is said to chase the moon through the night's sky, and will swallow it come Ragnarök download Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland pdf.

Myths & Legends of the Celts

Sakha-bhaav (or bromance) is about homosociality—even homoeroticism—but not homosexuality , e.g. Inherit the Alamo: Myth and Ritual at an American Shrine read Inherit the Alamo: Myth and Ritual at an American Shrine. Horned Toad cooked some for him three times, but when Coyote asked for corn the fourth time Horned Toad was tired of his begging and refused. Coyote just swallowed Horned Toad, and then walked all around the cornfield telling the birds he met that it was his cornfield Rumor and Gossip: The Social Psychology of Hearsay download online Rumor and Gossip: The Social Psychology of Hearsay. When David entered Solomon's court, he noticed an empty chair next to the King's and sat down on it. Solomon asked him: 'What have you come for, handsome young man?' He replied: 'I am David of Ethiopia I have come to ask you for half of your kingdom, and here is the ring which you gave my mother.' Solomon embraced him when he recognized his ring, and spoke: 'So be it Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women (Midland Book) read Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women (Midland Book). It seemed to want to embrace the earth The Firebird A Curtain Raiser download for free download online The Firebird A Curtain Raiser Book here. And with good reason: elves have been in fantasy for a very long time, and they’ve been a topic for discussion and varied debate on Fantasy-Faction before. I also talked about elves and their place in fantasy with Iron Elves author Chris Evans, and throughout all the discussion, whether they have a place in fantasy any longer became a moot point , cited: Babes in the Wood (Golden classics) download online Babes in the Wood (Golden classics) here. Artemis - Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and animals, as well as of childbirth. As the moon goddess, she was sometimes identified with the goddesses Selene and Hecate , cited: Desert Light read pdf Desert Light pdf. No human being could have so outrun me.� She then said: �Let us be friends , source: Earth, Spirit, and Gender: read for free click Earth, Spirit, and Gender: Visual Language for the New Reality. Clearly, fifty was a 'magical' number in early middle eastern myth, gradually losing its importance in the Classical Greek legends download Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland epub. Nature Myths are primitive attempts to explain the processes of nature and may be looked upon as the beginnings of natural science ref.: The Dancing Stars an Iroquois download for free The Dancing Stars an Iroquois Legend online.

The Jataka: Stories of Buddha's Former Birth

Journey to the West, Volume 1

Reading the World With Folktales

Tales of Punt : Somali Folktales

Death Customs (Understanding Religions)

The Mouth of the Night: Gaelic Stories Retold

Irish Proverbs

A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Contemporary Legend: A Reader (New Perspectives in Folklore)

The Raw and the Cooked

Gods of Ancient Egypt

The Horse in Celtic Culture: Medieval Welsh Perspectives

European Proverbs in 55 Languages with Equivalents in Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese

Remembering the Year of the French: Irish Folk History and Social Memory (History of Ireland & the Irish Diaspora)

Although this circular worldview is not so strictly adhered to in Korea as it is in Southeast Asia, the co-existence and harmony of life and death is a natural part of the worldview. We can say that the "natural" is emphasized in the "supernatural" in Korea Hanging without a Rope download for free read online Hanging without a Rope pdf. Fair winds carried the ships to Aeolia, a mythical floating island, where King Aeolus, keeper of the winds, welcomed them kindly, offering his weary guests a month of feasts and entertainment. Aeolus tied up all but the gentle west wind in an ox-hide bag as a gift to Odysseus. The free wind carried them within sight of Ithaca in just 10 days. Many of the fantastic elements in the story of Odysseus seem more akin to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm than to the lofty legends of Greek gods and heroes ref.: Lancashire Legends download here Lancashire Legends here. In early 18th-century Italy, Giambattista Vico, a thinker now considered the forerunner of all writers on ethnology, or the study of culture in human societies, built on traditional scholarship--especially in law and philosophy--to make the first clear case for the role of man's creative imagination in the formation of distinct myths at successive cultural stages read Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland online. Such is the opinion I have formed of him. But there is a powerful man, Kalelealuaka,�if [100]he were to go into battle I am confident he would perform wonders. Such is the opinion I have formed of him, after careful study.� So the King waited for the return of the cripple until night, and all night until nearly dawn. When finally the lame marshal arrived, the King prudently abstained from questioning him until he had rested a while and taken breath; then he obtained from him the whole story of this new hero from Waialua, whose name he did not know, but who, he declared, resembled the King�s son-in-law, Kalelealuaka read online Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland pdf. The Oni character is a deep-rooted aspect of Japanese culture. Japanese children grow up with tales of Oni. In medieval times, people living on distant islands were considered as oni. And during the time of the Japanese seclusion from the rest of the world and during war times, foreigners were looked at as Oni , cited: Finding a Way Home: Indian & download here Finding a Way Home: Indian & Catholic Spiritual Paths of the Plateau Tribes pdf, azw (kindle), epub. Above her rosy breast and below her soft neck a great wave divides her skin. In the midst of the furrow, like a lily wound among violets, Kypris shines out from the clam sea. Over the silver on dancing dolphins ride guileful Eros and laughing Himeros (Desire), and the chorus of bow-backed fish plunging in the waves sports with Paphia where she swims." "Aphrodite, they say, as she was journeying [after her birth in the sea] from Kytherea to Kypros and dropped anchor near Rhodes, was prevented from stopping there by the sons of Poseidon, who were arrogant and insolent men; whereupon the goddess, in her wrath, brought a madness upon them." She appeared to him only and to him she said: ‘You and your friends have sat here long enough , e.g. Myths and Legends of the World read for free read online Myths and Legends of the World (Volume 1:Acas-Cori). To say that the deities are symbolic is not to say that they might not exist as actual beings; after all, some contemporary people believe in a deity which is an individual "person" (portrayed in art as an old man), so we might grant equal respect and open-mindedness toward those who have believed in the literal reality of ancient deities Demons, gods & holy men from Indian myths & legends (World mythologies series) download Demons, gods & holy men from Indian myths & legends (World mythologies series) here.

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