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Kellie Castle - The spirit of Anne Erskine who fell from one of the upstairs windows is said to haunt a spiral staircase in the castle. Legends is an online journal exploring King Arthur, Robin Hood, Pirates, and other heroes, adventurers, and swashbucklers in history, literature, folklore, fiction, and the arts. The number nine may also have been associated with a nine-day lunar week. Should such a mortal woman wish to make contact with a selkie-man, there was a specific rite she had to follow.

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Dictionary of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

The Myths Of Greece And Rome

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The power of music to charm the gods is movingly expressed in the Greek story of Orpheus. This mythical figure goes to the underworld to try to have his dead wife, Eurydice, restored to life. By means of his lyre playing and singing he is able to win over even the god of death, so that Eurydice is allowed to leave the underworld Tales of Arjuna ((Amar Chitra Katha) click Tales of Arjuna ((Amar Chitra Katha). As a youth, while being trained in the art of poetry, he accidentally burned his thumb while cooking the Salmon of Knowledge, which allowed him to suck or bite his thumb to receive bursts of stupendous wisdom Treasury of Asian Folktales Treasury of Asian Folktales online. Mars (the Roman war god) is remembered in words such as Mars (the planet), March (the month), and martial (as in martial arts) Folktales of Bhutan download pdf read Folktales of Bhutan. The actual herb used is less clear because multiple names are used in the Deitsch various tales: The names are complicated further by the English name "Wood Betony" being used for multiple plants, including both Stachys officinalis and Pedicularis canadensis, which are only very distant relatives within the Order Lamiales Myth, Mind, and Monent (1) download pdf download Myth, Mind, and Monent (1) online. Bell Elementary has collected a number of links to Fairy/Folk Tales from the Pacific Rim, including tales from East Asia and Southeast Asia. (Broken Link 2/14/02) Joo-Young You presents an essay entitled Foundation and Creation Myths in Korea and Japan: Patterns & Connections and compares the tales within Kojiki and Nihon shoki with those found in Samguk yusa and Samguk sagi The Fairy Tales of Charles download for free The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault pdf, azw (kindle), epub. The leader of the gods was the Great Hare. The other four gods were the winds from each corner of the earth. He wasn't sure what to do with them so he put them into a large bag. He wanted to make a place for them to live, so he made the forests, rivers, and lakes. The other four gods, however, weren't happy with what the Great Hare had made Dorsetshire Folklore online.

Usually, after a girl was married, she was expected to work very hard in order to be approved of as a good wife. So this woman whose name was Nyakowa woke up in the morning and started her daily duties. The work laid down for a young bride was quite a lot because she was expected to go to the river with a huge water pot which she had to lift on to her head all by herself. Next she had to grind a lot of millet within a very short time Three Blind Mice read online Three Blind Mice. The saga of the Argonauts, for example, is highly complex and includes elements from folktale and fiction. Episodes in the Trojan cycle, such as the departure of the Greek fleet from Aulis or Theseus’s Cretan expedition and death on Scyros, may belong to traditions dating from the Minoan-Mycenaean world Ranching Traditions ~ Legacy of the American West download online Ranching Traditions ~ Legacy of the American West pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi. Around the year 1323, Gediminas, the Ruler and Grand Duke of Lithuania was hunting with the nobles of his court. Among his retinue were servants and beaters with large packs of hounds. The great forest was disturbed by the uncommon activity. All the animals, great and small reacting to the terrifying clamor invading the tranquil serenity of their province, and in mortal fear, scurried into the thicket Basho's Narrow Road: Spring and Autumn Passages (Rock Spring Collection of Japanese Literature) download online Basho's Narrow Road: Spring and Autumn Passages (Rock Spring Collection of Japanese Literature) pdf, azw (kindle), epub.

Esopus Hodie, Aesop Today (Volume 2)

99 Lives: Cats in History, Legend and Literature

Myths & legends of the middle ages: their origi and influence on literature and art

So, I believe it is in this capacity that Odin serves in the ASOIAF novels, and is represented by the Mad King Aerys (who was killed by Jaime -- i.e. Aerys, like Odin, is known as the Mad King, and dies before the events of Ragnarök take place. However, Odin was also known for fathering bastard children, which is the one legacy Aerys left behind. Jaime & Cersei are his bastard twins, by way of the rape of Joanna Lannister (which Barristan Selmy alludes to in his conversations with Dany) download Dorsetshire Folklore epub. Image ©Augustinas Žemaitis. *Žaltys (serpent) have been the deity of home and health. As a creature a serpent is considered immortal, magical and related to rain. Serpents therefore used to be cherished and fed. *Kaukai (singular: kaukas) are very small creatures that may turn into a handful of dust (and vice-versa) , cited: Irish Toasts, Curses and download epub Irish Toasts, Curses and Blessings book. Also found there is Kalevala - The Finish National Epic Finnish Mythology A brief introduction to the topic by Pirjo Joki. Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot (in Finnish/Suomeksi). Lönnrot spent the years from 1828 to 1845 collecting folk songs from the Karelia regions of Finland and Russia and assembled and edited them into what became the Finnish national epic download Dorsetshire Folklore pdf, azw (kindle), epub. This selection begins with a description of creation by Ohrmazd and Ahriman. Written around 1000 CE by Ferdowsi, the Shah Nahmeh i.e. the Epic of the Kings, contains much of the balance of known Persian myth and legend including tales of the Zal and of Rustram. (Broken Link 2/11/02) Pomona's Ancient Cosmology site features three articles on India which describe the creations, Deities, and structure of the Vedic universe. (Eratic Link 5/26/00) Indian presents a sizable collection of tales and descriptions of Hindu deities as they appear in mythic tales , cited: To Perceive and to Represent: read for free To Perceive and to Represent: A Comparative Study of Chinese and English Poetics of Nature Imagery (Asian Thought and Culture) pdf, azw (kindle).

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Culture Shock! Ecuador: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette

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The Story of Loch Ness

In modern myth we tend to see mermaids in a singular way - kind and benevolent to humans who keep to their own kind in the deep waters of the ocean. Not all stories go this way, though, and in most cases the most ancient tales of mermaid mythology follow quite a different view Poor Richard's Almanac Poor Richard's Almanac for free. Nonetheless, the... >>Download<< Fairy tale is an English language term for a type of short narrative corresponding to the French phrase conte de f'ee, the German term M"archen, the Italian fiaba, the Polish ba's'n or the Swedish saga The Book of Arthur: Lost Tales download online The Book of Arthur: Lost Tales From the Round Table here. This motif of father/son conflict was repeated when Cronus was confronted by his son, Zeus. After Cronus betrayed his father, he feared that his offspring would do the same, and so each time Rhea gave birth, he snatched up the child and ate it. Rhea hated this and tricked him by hiding Zeus and wrapping a stone in a baby's blanket, which Cronus ate , e.g. Old Las Vegas: Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands download online Old Las Vegas: Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands. About 15% of Taiwan's residents are refugees from the mainland who came over with the KMT in 1945-1949 and their Taiwanborn descendants Sankofa: Celebrations for the African American Church read Sankofa: Celebrations for the African American Church. It is often used to scare little kids (if you don't go to sleep La Llorona will come get you). Latin American folktales: stories from Hispanic and Indian traditions. Pantheon Books, New York: c2002. ( Legends of the plumed serpent: biography of a Mexican god Mazel Tov: A Jewish Wedding download epub read Mazel Tov: A Jewish Wedding (The way we live series) book. After much derring-do he comes back home again but finds all his family have died. Her voice is heard: And beneath the mound made answer: 'Still there lives the black dog, Musti, Go with him into the forest, Kullervo takes the dog into the forest but, when he comes to the place where he dishonoured his sister, despair overcomes him and he throws himself on his own sword ref.: The Best of Helen Creighton read online The Best of Helen Creighton for free. Chapshin often act as judges or guardians, punishing the evil and rewarding or protecting the good. This harmony with the supernatural comes from the Buddhist influence with its circular worldview Mad Love click Mad Love here. Vashistha gets Kamadhenu for supervising samudra manthana operation CATLORE read here read CATLORE. From this spit, a being called Kvasir was born, already fully grown. But, anyway, he was supposedly the wisest of the "gods" (although, it's not exactly clear whether he was considered a god or not. He's more akin to a godlike being -- and some texts even refer to him as a "man"), and could answer any question posed to him download Dorsetshire Folklore pdf. It should always be sniffed from the side, for the top was left for the souls to visit, where they could enjoy the fragrance thus reserved especially for them ( 1 ) , e.g. The Discovery of King Arthur download online The Discovery of King Arthur book. I come, I come!� And as he cries, he springs into the white, foaming surge of this ever fretted sea. And one was near as the hero sprang; even Ua, with the clustering curls. She loved the chief; she did hope that when his steps were stayed by the sea, and [176]he had mingled his moan with the wild waters� wail, that he would turn once more to the inland groves, where she would twine him wreaths, and soothe his limbs, and rest his head upon her knees; but he has leaped for death, he comes up no more , e.g. zuni fetishes zuni fetishes pdf. Early Orthodox sermons make constant admonitions against worshiping ��� � �������� (Rod and Rozhenitsa) The Legend of Sawney Bean download here click The Legend of Sawney Bean pdf, azw (kindle), epub, doc, mobi.

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